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125 x 50mm tray for 20mm square bases (multibase)

£1.75 inc. VAT

A 125mm wide tray designed to hold ten figures on individual 20mm x 20mm square bases (or multi-based figures up to 100mm x 40mm) effectively converting them to be on 25mm x 25mm square bases – so perfect for use with games such as Oathmark and for converting Warhammer Fantasy Battle Armies over to Warhammer: The Old World.

The space is 100.5mm x 40.5mm allowing a little ‘wiggle room’ for figures where the bases aren’t quite square.

The tray has small notches cut around its sides to indicate where each “25mm” base starts and ends.

Precision cut from 2mm MDF

The image below shows the tray populated with goblins (Games Workshop). This is for illustrative purposes only and these figures are not included with this movement tray.

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Weight 28 g


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