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250mm x 100mm Tray (KoW: Cav : 20 / 25mm : 40)

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A movement tray designed to hold either twenty figures on 25mm x 50mm bases or fourty figures on 25mm x 25mm bases.

There are three dials on the back of the tray. Two of the dials are numbered 0 to 9 (thereby giving a “wounds” score of 0-99). The third dial is marked as Steady, Waver, Disrupt, Dis/Wav to indicate the status of the troops.

The dials are pre-painted in white to make them easier to read.

Suitable for use as a tray for fourty figures on 25mm bases or twenty cavalry figures within the Kings of War rules.

Note: The dimensions indicated are the internal dimensions of the tray.
The overall external dimensions of the tray are 130mm x 258mm.

Comes supplied with four figure bases, each 50mm x 125mm in size.

Precision cut from 2mm MDF
Supplied unpainted / un-textured.
Requires assembly.

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