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Alchemists Team (S1) (Acrylic - Choose Colour)

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This is a set of 12 tokens suitable for use with a team of Alchemists within mob football games such as Guild Ball (by Steamforged games)

The set includes:
Metallic Skin [+1 DMG]
Metallic Skin [+2 MOV]
Metallic Skin [+1 ARM]
Clone (x2)
Blind (x3)
Rabid Animal
Dodge Used
True Replication
heavy Burden

The tokens are precision cut from 3mm acrylic with the text engraved into them. PLEASE SELECT YOUR DESIRED COLOUR BELOW
Manufactured by Blotz.

Please note – the tokens displayed have had their engraved lettering filled using a standard wax crayon. The ones you will be supplied with will not have had their lettering coloured in. For examples of each colour available please see the additional images below.

The tokens may also be supplied with their peel-off protective backing still in place.

These tokens are independently produced and are not associated with Steamforged games in any way.


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Additional information

Weight 25 g
Select Colour

Black Acrylic, Blue (Dark) Acrylic, Blue (Light) Acrylic, Brown Acrylic, Clear Acid Green Acrylic, Clear Acrylic, Clear Ice Blue Acrylic, Clear Lava Orange Acrylic, Clear Mars Red Acrylic, Clear Smokey Grey Acrylic, Green (Dark) Acrylic, Green (Light) Acrylic, Grey (Light) Acrylic, Orange Acrylic, Purple Acrylic, Red Acrylic, Shocking Pink Acrylic, White Acrylic, Yellow Acrylic


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