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Alkanet Root Cut [100g]

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Alkanna tinctoria

This Natural Dye gives colours that go from grey through to purple when an Alum mordant is used.

For cellulose fibres use either
Aluminium Acetate at 5% in a heated mordant bath.
Aluminium Lactate at 5% in either a cold or heated mordant bath.

When this is extracted in water, the final colour will tend towards grey.

Extracting the dye in alcohol, the colour will move to pinks.

Extracting the dye in vinegar (week acid), the colour will move to purples and deep reds.

Use at 50% (ratio 1:2) per 100g of fibre.

The picture shows wool which has been mordanted with alum, then dyed with alkanet.

The left-hand skein shows how all the skeins originally came out of the dye pot. The other four were each dipped into a different modifier bath for approximately 10 minutes. From left-to-right these modifier baths were Citric Acid, Ammonia, Copper and Iron.

The dyed samples are as follows
Alum – no modifier = grey
Alum + Citric Acid = dark purple
Alum + Ammonia = grey
Alum + Copper = grey
Alum + Iron = brown grey


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