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Annatto Seeds Whole [100g]

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Bixa orellana

This Natural Dye produces orange, peach and warm yellows with an Alum mordant.

Best to soak the seeds overnight and then grind in a grinder, before using to dye with. This is a good dye to use when teaching children as it is used in the cheese industry to colour cheeses.

Use this Natural Dye at a ratio of 100% dyestuff to fibres.

The picture shows wool which has been mordanted with alum, then dyed with annatto seed.

For cellulose fibres use either
Aluminium Acetate at 5% in a heated mordant bath.
Aluminium Lactate at 5% in either a cold or heated mordant bath.

The left-hand skein shows how all the skeins originally came out of the dye pot. The other four were each dipped into a different modifier bath for approximately 10 minutes. From left-to-right these modifier baths were Citric Acid, Ammonia, Copper and Iron.

The dyed samples are as follows
Alum – no modifier = orange
Alum + Citric Acid = orange
Alum + Ammonia = orange
Alum + Copper = green orange
Alum + Iron = dull orange

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