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A bundle of our Sci-Fi Future City packs.
Suitable for use with Sci-Fi games such as Star Wars Legion, 40K, Necromunda, Judge Dredd, Fallout, Kill Team and Infinity.

This pack contains:
1 x Antenna / Console (B28-SFC-017)
1 x Ladder (1 level) (pair) (B28-SFC-020)
1 x Ladder (2 level) (B28-SFC-012)
1 x Ladder Gantry (2 level) (B28-SFC-011)
1 x Lookout Cupola (B28-SFC-006)
1 x Platform (large, oval) (B28-SFC-005)
1 x Platform (large, round) (B28-SFC-009)
2 x Platform (small, round) (B28-SFC-001)
2 x Stairs (1 level) (B28-SFC-018)
1 x Stairs (2 level) (B28-SFC-003)
1 x Stairs (Between levels) (B28-SFC-019)
1 x Turbine Gantry (B28-SFC-014)
1 x Walkway pack #1 (B28-SFC-002)

Supplied unpainted.
Requires assembly.
Designed by Nathan White.
Manufactured by Blotz.
Precision cut from 3mm MDF.

The figures shown are Star Wars Legion Stormtroopers and Rebels (Fantasy Flight games) and are shown for scale purposes only. They are not included with this bundle.

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