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Dungeon Starter Set #1 (rpg height)

£60.00 inc. VAT

This starter set contains the following items:
1 x DS-004 (Double Arch)
1 x DS-017 (60mm with single door – rpg)
1 x DS-031 (60mm corridor – rpg)
1 x DS-033 (60mm corridor corner – rpg)
1 x DS-034 (60mm corridor, 1 arch – rpg)
1 x DS-035 (60mm corridor, 2 arches – rpg)
1 x DS-037 (60mm corridor, 2 doors – rpg)
2 x DS-050 (90mm wall – rpg)
2 x DS-051 (60mm wall – rpg)
3 x DS-052 (30mm internal corner – rpg)
2 x DS-053 (30mm wall – rpg)
1 x DS-055 (60mm wall on 60×60 base – rpg)
1 x DS-101 (60×60 floor)
1 x DS-103 (30×30 floor)
1 x DS-104 (30×30 floor features)
1 x DS-110 (90×30 floor)
1 x DS-204 (60×30 stairs)

The walls on these pieces are 15mm high allowing for good visibility of players positions when playing RPGs. Doors and archways are full height (50mm)

Supplied unpainted.
Requires assembly.
Precision cut from 2mm MDF.

Our dungeon system is based on a 30mm x 30mm square with connectors fitting underneath the pieces to link them together which helps to prevent accidental movement during gameplay.

All figures / accessories shown are for illustrative purposes only are are not included with this bundle.

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