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Eucalyptus Leaves cut [100g]

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Eucalyptus globus Labill

This Natural Dye produces tan colours, no mordant is required as it is a substantive dye, but it does extend the life of the colour as does leaving the leaves in the dye bath with the fibres while dyeing.

Use at a rate of 100% to dry weight of fibre.

Best to soak the leaves for 24 hours, bring to a simmer for an hour. Add the fibres and gently simmer for 3 hours. Allow the fibres to cool in the dye overnight.

In the images, the wool skein has been treated with (from left to right) Alum, Citric Acid, Ammonia, Copper Sulphate, Iron (Ferrous Sulphate).

The dyed samples are as follows
Alum – no modifier = golden brown
Alum + Citric Acid = pale golden brown
Alum + Ammonia = golden brown
Alum + Copper = golden brown
Alum + Iron = dark brown

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