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Frostgrave Tokens – Complete Set (MDF)

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This is a set of 136 tokens suitable for use the Frostgrave game from Osprey.

The set includes:

Generic: Treasure (x3), Wounded (x8), One Action (x4),Empty Crossbow (x4)
Chronomancer: Decay (x4), Fast Act (x2), Fleet Feet (x4), Petrify (x2), Slow (x4), Time Store (x2), Time Walk (x2)
Elementalist: Call Storm (x4), Elemental Shield (x2)
Enchanter: Control Construct (x2), Enchant Armour (x4), Enchant Weapon (x4), Strength (x4)
Illusionist: Beauty (x2), Glow (x4), Invisible (x4), Monstrous Form (x2)
Necromancer: Bones of the Earth (x4), Control Undead (x2), Reveal Death (x2)
Sigilist: Draining Word (x2), Explosive Rune (x4), Furious Quill (x4), Power Word (x2)
Soothsayer: Awareness (x1), Combat Awareness (x4), Mind Control (x2), Will Power (x4), Wizard Eye (x2)
Summoner: Bind Demon (x2), Plague of Insects (x4), Plane Walk (x2), Possess (x2)
Thaumaturge: Blinding Light (x4),Circle of Protection (3 inch Area of Effect) (x2), Shield (x4)
Witch: Control Animal (x2), Curse (x4), Mud (3 inch Area of Effect) (x2), Poison Dart (x4)

The tokens are precision cut from 2mm MDF with the text engraved into them.
Manufactured by Blotz.

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