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Logwood Extract [25g]

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Haematoxylum campechinanum – also known as Bloodwood

This Natural Dye extract is made from the inner bark of the tree. The colours achieved from Logwood range from violet, grey and black.

Adding Iron to the dye bath at the end will give you a nice deep navy blue/black.

Mix this powder into a paste before adding to your dyebath.

Use at 1% dye stuff to fibre for violets, can increase the quantity slightly for deeper shades.

An Alum mordant is required for protein fibres.

A tannin and Alum mordant are required for all cellulose fibres.

For cellulose fibres use either
Aluminium Acetate at 5% in a heated mordant bath.
Aluminium Lactate at 5% in either a cold or heated mordant bath.

In the image below, the wool skein has been treated with (from top to bottom) Alum, Citric Acid, Ammonia, Copper Sulphate, Iron (Ferrous Sulphate).

The dyed samples are as follows
Alum – no modifier = dark blue
Alum + Ammonia = dark blue
Alum + Copper = dark blue
Alum + Iron = dark navy blue

Not food safe, so please do not make a drink with this dye.

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