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Oak Gall – Powder [100g]

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Quercus infectoria

This Natural tannin contains all of the powdered oak gall which may still have parts of the wasp grub. Naturally formed by a wasp laying its egg on an oak twig. The oak then protects itself by covering the egg and the grub. The grub when fully formed will cut its way out and fly off.

This is a natural tannin.

When used with an Alum mordant it will give shades of tan and yellows. Used with iron it will turn black, Ink can be made from this.

Use at a ratio of 15% but for deeper colours use at a ratio of 50%.

An Alum mordant is required for protein fibres.

For cellulose fibres use either
Aluminium Acetate at 5% in a heated mordant bath.
Aluminium Lactate at 5% in either a cold or heated mordant bath.

Not food safe, so please do not make a drink with this dye.

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