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Parking lot – Fast Food Parking Lot

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A parking lot set suitable for use as a Fast Food / Diner parking area.

Comprises the following kits:
Fast Food Foundation (B10-RD-501)
Parking lot T-Junction (B10-RD-504)
End Lot (B10-RD-506)
Parking Lot Corners (B10-RD-508)

The end of each road piece has a jig-saw style connection to allow it to securely link to other 1-lane road / parking lot sections.

The configuration shown has the following dimensions
Length: 8 3/4″ (222 mm)
Width: 6 1/2″ (165 mm)
(All measurements are approximate)

Can be combined with the other pieces from this range to make a continuous roadway.

Precision cut from 2mm MDF.
supplied unpainted.
Requires Assembly.

The cars and our Fast Food / Diner kit (B10-CS-017) are shown for illustrative purposes only. They are not included in this kit.

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