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Soda Ash [250g]

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Used when creating an Indigo Vat or to make your water/dye bath more alkaline.
Can be used in place of washing soda.

A chemical used when dyeing with Natural or Synthetic Indigo.

Use 15g indigo, 20g Hydros, and 20g Sodium Carbonate (soda ash).

Mix the sodium carbonate with a small amount of warm water allow to cool. Add the indigo and carefully add the Hydros powder to the top of the indigo vat. Stir carefully. Allow the Vat appearance to change to a greenish – yellow colour. The fibre is inserted, carefully, into the vat and left for 5 – 10 mins, removed carefully, where oxidization changes the fibre’s colour to Indigo Blue.

Repeated dips will deepen the Indigo colour.

Wear gloves and a face mask when using this product.
Do not breathe in or get on your skin, wash well.

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