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Starship base (Large) (x 5)

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A set of five bases that can each hold one of the larger 50mm diameter based ships from the Dropfleet Commander game (from Hawk Wargames).

All Fire Arcs are etched into the design.

Each base has tokens included for the three altitude levels and four spike conditions. These fit into slots on the sides of the base.

Each damage dial goes from 0 to 9, giving a potential range of 0-99.

The damage section is separate so can be easily removed to record damage points during gameplay without moving the ship.
It also has a slot to hold a squadron marker (A-G supplied) to enable easy grouping of ships.

The bases are precision cut from 2mm MDF.

Manufactured by Blotz.
Supplied Unpainted.
Requires Assembly.

Please note, the tokens displayed have had their engraved designs filled using a standard wax crayon. The tokens you receive will not had had this done.
When you receive them, the tokens may still have their protective coating on them. This should be peeled off before use.

Ships shown are by Hawk Wargames and are shown for illustrative purposes only. They are not included in this kit.
Ships painted by Andrew Page

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