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Tower (Gateway) (28mm)

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A 28mm scale tower section of ancient city walls similar to those found at Troy.
This tower is designed to work with the main Gateway (B28-ME-214) and contains all the parts required to make either a left-hand or right-hand gatehouse tower.

The tower has a doorway to access the walkway on the standard city walls on one side and a door to access the upper walkway on the other.

Width = 119mm
Length = 134mm (excluding connector)
Height (to lower walkway) = 97mm
Height (to upper walkway) = 153mm
Height (to top of crenellations) = 243mm
(Measurements are approximate)

The tower splits so you can place troops inside.

The images below shows two Gateway Towers and the Main Gate (B28-ME-214) along with several other sections of Ancient City Wall.

Supplied unpainted.
Requires Assembly.
Precision laser cut from 3mm MDF.

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