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Tunnel Bundle Pack #1

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A bundle of sci-fi tunnel goodies – suitable for a whole host of games such as Infinity, Judge Dredd, 40K and Necromunda.

The “walls” in this pack are 3D pieces.

This bundle contains:
1 x Floor Pack #1 (B28-SFT-001)
1 z Vents (B28-SFT-004)
1 x Floor Pack #2 (B28-SFT-009)
1 x Door Pack #1 (B28-SFT-100)
3 x 50mm Wall Pack #1 (B28-SFT-250)
1 x 100mm wall pack #1 (B28-SFT-251)
1 x External Corner Pack (B28-SF-252)
2 x End Wall Pack (B28-SFT-253)
1 x Conduit Walls (B28-SFT-254)

Supplied unpainted.
Requires assembly.
Precision cut from 2mm and 3mm MDF.

The figures shown are Games Workshop Necromunda figures (Orlocks, Goliaths and a Minisaur) are shown for illustrative purposes only. They are not included in this bundle.

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