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Wall (95mm) #2 – Conduit

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A 95mm long section of wall with a girder design on both sides and a conduit running through the lower half of one end.
Suitable for use in numerous Sci-Fi games such as Necromunda, Judge Dredd and Infinity.
These walls are compatible with the Necromunda: Underhive board sections produced by Games Workshop.

We have created a page which details the walls used by each scenario and individual tile.

The wall is 95mm long with lugs which extend out from each end allowing it to connect with our column pieces.
One flat end is also supplied with this kit which can replace the lugs if desired.

Each section is 60mm high and 33mm wide
(dimensions are approximate).

Supplied unpainted.
Requires assembly.
Manufactured by Blotz.
Precision cut from 2mm MDF.

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