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Zundstadt Bundle #9

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This set comprises:
2 x 1-square buildings
1 x 2-square buildings (one rooms)
3 x 2-square buildings (two rooms)
1 x 3-square buildings (two rooms split 2:1)
2 x 3-square buildings (three rooms)
1 x “L” building (one room)
1 x “L” building (2 rooms)
1 x 6-square building
3 x 1-square roadway
1 x 2-square roadway
5 x 3-square roadway

There are the right combination of pieces here to recreate the layout needed for Scenario #9 (Hellhole) if you wished to use them for Zombiecide Black Plague.

Precision cut from 2mm and 3mm MDF.
Supplied unpainted.
Requires Assembly.

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